New Year’s top tips from West Kent Mediation

West Kent Mediation, the leading volunteer conflict resolution charity in West Kent offers some New Year tips.

Amanda Bell Chief Executive of WKM has noticed a rise in neighbourhood and family conflicts following the Christmas season, and says:

Many people see the beginning of the year as a time to make changes for the better. Some of these resolutions are not as successful as hoped, because the things that cause people problems are not always easily resolved.

For example, the hangover from Christmas is often not alcoholic. Some families, where relationships can be difficult even during normal times, come together over the Christmas holidays and find the day to day niggles in their family relationships get ‘blown-up’ during the stress of the festive activities.

If this is the case, the process of mediation can help rebuild relationships, so the New Year turns out better than perhaps expected.”

West Kent Mediation use experienced and impartial volunteer mediators to help the people involved resolve their issues with each other and find a way forward that satisfies all.

West Kent Mediation offers their free service throughout the entire West Kent area and can be contacted on:

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