Restorative Practices within Schools


WKM train young people in mediation skills to help their peers solve classroom conflicts. We also work with young people experiencing anger problems and teach them how to manage conflict more constructively (charges may apply).

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Case Study

A Kent school was put in touch with West Kent Mediation and they mediated a Restorative Justice conference with five offenders and three victims.

Restorative Justice in School with WKM

Restorative Justice in School with WKM

The process started with a dialogue.

It became clear that their long standing issues resulted from misunderstandings, rumour and half-truths. Apologies were made and accepted, which cleared the air.

It was great to see such a positive achievement and everyone was impressed with the result.

The final comment from the school was ‘We were very impressed with the outcome and will definitely be using and recommending Restorative Justice again.

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