Amanda Bell

How long you have worked for WKM?

I started work for WKM in January 1999


I had two children under 3 and found the transition of being a full time Mum difficult, I previously worked in London, full time as a repossession Manager for a Building Society, I had the people skills that were required for the job and it was advertised as 10 hours per week, this suited my family needs and kept me in a work environment.

How is Mediation important to you?

I love the idea of working for a community charity, in mediation you listen to all the client’s needs and try to empower them to find a solution. This can sometimes be very difficult as they are stuck in the past, mediators skills enable the client to move forward and look at how they want to act in the future. Mediation can be used in all sorts of conflict resolution.

Do you prefer beach or countryside and why?

I enjoy laying on a beach listening to the waves of the sea and watching the world go by, my favourite time to do this would be late afternoon.

Do you have a favourite book or film?

Between 3 “Shawshank Redemption” “The Green Mile” “Bridget Jones’s Baby”

Lastly – what would you be your vision/goal for the next year for WKM?

WKM has great governance and management which has truly contributed to lasting 20 years as a community charity. The last few years have been very difficult as grants and funding opportunities have been reduced. We need to continue to publicise the service and the great work all our volunteers do, we have brought our service into the 21st century with the new logo and social media including updating our website. As a result I am hoping the awareness will increase the referrals.

Due to the COVID-19 Corona Virus West Kent Mediation has reluctantly cancelled all home visits ... for the foreseeable future. THE OFFICE IS NOW OPEN all emails will be read and responded toSee here for More Information