Neighbours / Community Problems

Noise, harassment, verbal abuse and anti-social behaviour can cause disagreements between neighbours and in communities. Mediation is often successful in resolving such problems.

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Case Study

In a small row of terraced houses, a young couple with two young children moved into the middle house. The older neighbours complained about the noise from both inside and outside the house. When West Kent Mediation facilitated a joint mediation meeting the whole terrace attended.

neighbourhood mediation

Neighbourhood Mediation through WKM

It transpired that that when the young family had moved in, the Housing Association had removed all the carpets leaving the house with bare floorboards.  This made quiet living almost impossible for the young family.

The mother naturally became very upset as the meeting progressed and she said she no longer felt comfortable in her own home and it was impossible to control the noise.  The neighbours on listening to her, gradually became increasingly sympathetic and discussed solutions to overcome this.  A local MP who was also in attendance, offered to get carpets laid for the young couple and by the end of the meeting everyone was talking to each other and feeling very positive.

The meeting ended with some of the neighbours offering to babysit and the small row of terraced houses became a close-knit and friendly community.

Many people find it very difficult to just knock on a neighbour’s door to discuss problems politely and don’t know where to start.  Mediation helps the process dramatically and aims to find a positive outcome for everyone involved.

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