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Parent and Family Mediation

How we can help with parent / teenager and family struggles.

Some disagreement between parents and teenagers is often a normal part of growing up. Adolescence can be a challenging time and many young people find it difficult to express their feelings and needs. Mediation helps and supports the re-building of relationships.
Teenager Mediation

A case study

All families have disagreements, and arguments can be even more difficult when step families come together. Sometimes finding the right words to say to each other, and then having to listen to how each other feels, can be highly emotional and very uncomfortable.

The situation became so difficult for a young teenage boy that he moved out and went to live with a family friend. Although this gave everyone a temporary respite, even the son agreed that this was not an ideal long term solution. It was his choice to leave but he missed his family.

At this stage, West Kent Mediation was contacted. After listening to the issues and concerns of all the family members, individually, the mediators were able to represent the issues to the parents, the son and siblings in a less emotional way. This enabled everyone to understand each other and then get to the real issues without getting too angry or upset.

The mediators ensured the meetings were focused and when progress stalled, compromises were made. Eventually an agreement was reached in which everyone felt heard and boundaries were set. The son then felt happy to return home and be part of the family again.

By having an agreement in place everyone felt heard and boundaries agreed, the son felt happy to return home and be part of the family again. Families don’t come with a manual and mediation can assist you in those potentially difficult teenage years.
“It was a very beneficial process and I cannot thank you enough for your assistance and guidance”
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