Restorative Practices within Schools


Part of West Kent Mediation’s work is training years five or six in Peer Mediation. Children work through role plays involving listening skills and body language. Co-operative games are played to help children find solutions to problems. The morning ends with two children role-playing a typical dispute.

Twelve volunteers are then chosen for a day’s training to become mediators. The children look at feelings and how they affect them, practice communication skills, play team games and discuss ‘red flag’ areas. During the afternoon they practice mediation skills using imaginary disputes. Focus is on listening to other’s views, being impartial and finding a ‘win-win’ solution to the conflict.

Important life skills are developed in a fun and relaxed setting which have a very positive impact on the day to day running of a primary school and we can think of no better investment in the future than to help the next generation deal with conflict in a better and more constructive way.

“The children have quickly adapted to their new role and applied the techniques they have been taught”

“It is working really well so far- very smooth with no need for me to intervene and at least 12 issues resolved we are very pleased”

“The trainer was excellent at presenting and delivering, it was very motivational and everyone including the teachers learnt tips and ideas on mediation”

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