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Three reasons to consider mediation to help resolve disputes

When it comes to resolving disputes, mediation can be a highly effective and efficient method. Compared to taking legal action, mediation offers a less combative and more collaborative approach to finding a resolution. In this article, we outline three reasons individuals should consider mediation as their first option when faced with a dispute. 

  1. Mediation gives you more control than you have in a legal dispute - Mediation allows the parties involved to maintain control over the outcome. Unlike in a courtroom, where a judge or jury ultimately makes the final decision, mediation puts the power back into the hands of the disputing parties. This can be particularly beneficial when it comes to finding creative and mutually agreeable solutions. With the guidance of a trained mediator, both sides can actively participate in the negotiation process and work together to reach an outcome that satisfies everyone involved. This sense of control can lead to greater satisfaction with the final resolution and can help preserve relationships that might otherwise be damaged by a contentious legal battle. 
  2. Mediation is a quick and cost-effective way to resolve disputes - Mediation can be a more efficient and more cost-effective way to resolve disputes compared to other methods of dispute resolution. Traditional litigation can take months or even years to reach a final resolution, with court appearances, legal fees, and other expenses along the way. Mediation, on the other hand, typically takes only a fraction of the time. The parties involved can schedule mediation sessions at their convenience and work towards a resolution at their own pace. This not only saves time but also reduces the financial burden that comes with drawn-out legal proceedings. By choosing mediation, individuals can avoid the stress and expense that often accompany traditional litigation.  In fact, like most community mediation organisations, West Kent Mediation offers most of its services to members of the public free of charge, so there’s nothing to lose from trying mediation.
  3. Mediation can lead to an amicable resolution and help to repair damaged relationships - Mediation promotes open communication and fosters a more positive environment for resolving disputes. Unlike in a courtroom setting where arguments are presented in an adversarial manner, mediation encourages dialogue and cooperation between the parties. The mediator acts as a neutral third party who facilitates conversation and helps the parties understand each other's perspectives. By promoting open communication and understanding, mediation creates an environment where both sides feel heard and valued. This can lead to a more amicable resolution and can even help repair damaged relationships in the process. 

In conclusion, mediation offers several compelling reasons why it should be considered as the preferred method for resolving disputes. From maintaining control over the outcome, to saving time and money, to fostering open communication, mediation provides an effective alternative to traditional litigation. By choosing mediation, individuals can work towards a resolution that is fair, mutually agreeable and preserves important relationships. So, the next time you find yourself embroiled in a dispute, consider giving mediation a try. You might be pleasantly surprised by the results!

If you’re based in the Sevenoaks, Tonbridge and Malling, or Tunbridge Wells areas, contact West Kent Mediation to find out if we can help you resolve your dispute.  You can read more about our neighbourhood, family and workplace mediation services on our website and contact us by email at or by telephone on 01732 469696.

June 29, 2023
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