Top Ten Tips to avoid Neighbourhood Disputes

West Kent Mediation (WKM) service has released a Top Ten Tips list to avoid neighbourhood disputes this summer.

As BBQ & holiday season gets under way, WKM’s realistic and practical tips amassed from 20 years of service to West Kent communities, offer a diplomatic alternative to the many complaints made about nuisance neighbours each year.

WKM’s Top Ten Tips to Deter Disputes

  1. Before you decide to have a party or BBQ that may be noisy or affect your neighbours in any way – let them know in advance, apologise for any inconvenience and ask if this will cause them any specific problems
  2. Ask your children to consider their neighbours whilst playing outside
  3. Look after the outside of your home – rotting rubbish is unpleasant for neighbours
  4. Keep trees and hedges regularly trimmed and in good condition
  5. Be considerate over parking on public roads
  6. If you have a dog, try not to let it bark for long periods of time, and clean up after your pets in communal areas
  7. Position speakers away from shared walls and try to use your appliances during the day
  8. When you move into a new neighbourhood, introduce yourself to your neighbours – perhaps offer and accept assistance
  9. Find and discuss common interests
  10. Remember we are all different and celebrate that. Life would be boring without it!!

Amanda Bell, WKM CEO said:

“It’s a good idea to develop a dialogue with your neighbours, so that if difficulties arise, it won’t be the first time you’ve spoken to them. But if a problem occurs that you cannot seem to solve mediation offers options through independent, impartial and open communication.”

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