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Workplace Conflict Resolution

Helping to resolve conflicts within workplaces, including harassment, discrimination and bullying complaints.  We make a charge for this service, but we offer very competitive rates to businesses in the West Kent region. 

Conflict at work can be costly. An ACAS report published in 2021 estimated that the total cost of conflict to UK business is around £28.5 billion per year, an average of £1,000 for every employee. Nearly 10 million people experienced conflict in the workplace in 2018 to 2019. Of these, over half suffered stress, anxiety or depression as a result; just under 900,000 took time off work; nearly half a million resigned, and more than 300,000 employees were dismissed.

If you have employees who are not getting in your workplace in West Kent, do not ignore it. Mediation can be a cost-effective way to resolve issues and restore harmony, enabling employees to continue to work together.  Contact us for more information on how we can help to resolve workplace disputes.

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